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F-League 2017

07/03/2017 – PUMA F-League Announcement

Football NSW wishes to announce that the PUMA F-League Competition will not be delivered by the governing body of the state for the 2017 season.

Football NSW conducted an application process in preparation for the 2017 competition and unfortunately, through this process, did not receive the required number of applications to deliver a viable competition consistent with the standards set in previous seasons

During the application process, Football NSW received feedback that the timing of the season is a challenge given the various football commitments taking place during this period and this may have been a determining factor in PUMA F-League Clubs electing not to apply for the 2017 season.

Football NSW will continue to engage with the Futsal community and fellow member federations in relation to the ongoing development of Futsal and specifically any demand for a viable National Futsal Competition in future seasons.

Football NSW greatly appreciates the assistance and support of the PUMA F-League Clubs and Officials since the Competition’s inception and is hopeful that the organisation can contribute to a National Futsal Competition in future seasons.


F-League Round 11 Review


The 2016 Men’s PUMA F-League top-four teams were decided after East Coast beat Inner West 6-3, Magic edged North Canberra 5-3, while Boomerangs had a fruitful trip north beating Galaxy 3-1 and drawing 3-3 with South Brisbane.

Vic Vipers (27 points) are still in the box seat but have NSW-trio Dural (25), East Coast (25) and Inner West (22) breathing down their necks.

And the Golden Boot race has Vipers star Adam Cooper (15 goals) joined by South Brisbane’s Adam Stacey (15) and Warriors gun Wade Giovenali (15), with Galaxy’s Samim Rohani (12), North Canberra’s Brett Forward (11) and Heat’s Jordan Guerreiro (10) closeby.

East Coast Heat 6 (Jordan Guerreiro 3, Grant Lynch, Matthew Mazevski, Anthony Haddad) Inner West Magic 3 (Jonathan Barzel, Dean Lockhart, Daniel Fogarty)

North Canberra Untouchables 3 (Jason Farrell 2, Brett Forward) Inner West Magic 5 (Andre Caro Salve, Jonathan Barzel, Aaron Cimitile, Miles Downie, Dean Lockhart)

Galaxy FC 1 (Brett Richardson) Boomerangs FS 3 (Bradley Sawyer, Jonathan Ciminelli, Benjamin Basser-Silk)

South Brisbane 3 (Julian Edwards, James Verdin, Jordan Vieira) Boomerangs FS 3 (Benjamin Basser Silk, Daniel Giovinazzo, Bradley Sawyer)

Boomerangs upset Galaxy Continue reading “F-League Round 11 Review”

Men’s F-League Round 10 Review


The 2016 Men’s PUMA F-League closed up after Inner West brought down Dural 3-2 before Warriors won both games in Queensland, East Coast winning both ACT runs, while the local derbies fell to North Canberra 3-1 over Boomerangs and Galaxy FC 3-2 against South Brisbane.

The leaderboard has Vic Vipers (27 points) in prime position being chased by Dural (25), East Coast (22) and Inner West (19), with Galaxy (17) not quite out of the playoff equation.

The Golden Boot shows Vipers star Adam Cooper (15 goals) joined by South Brisbane’s Adam Stacey (15) and Warriors gun Wade Giovenali (15), with Galaxy’s Samim Rohani (12) and North Canberra’s Brett Forward (10) still in with a shot at the accolade.

North Canberra Untouchables 3 (Ryan Tredinnick 2, Michael Sydney) Boomerangs FS 1 (Bradley Sawyer)

Inner West Magic 3 (Mark Symington, Aaron Cimitile, Daniel Fogarty) Dural Warriors 2 (Bruno Pivato, Wade Giovenali)

Boomerangs FS 3 (Daniel Giovinazzo, Bradley Sawyer, Jake Wilsener) East Coast Heat 4 (Matthew Mazevski 2, Daniel Fulton, Jun Arima)

North Canberra Untouchables 4 (Ryan Tredinnick, Ben Rolfe, Brett Forward 2) East Coast Heat 9 (Dominic Cox 3, Daniel Fulton, Jordan Guerreiro, Andrew Luttringer 2, Clayton Musumeci 2)

Galaxy FC 4 (Samim Rohani 2, Adam Finocchiaro, Lucas Da Silva) Dural Warriors 8 (Chris Polkinghorne 2, Wade Giovenali 2, Daine Merrin 2, Jacob Basen, Glen Kelshaw)

South Brisbane 2 (Caleb Urlich, Brian Quan) Galaxy FC 3 (Vinicius Leite, Samim Rohani, Scott Fenn)

South Brisbane 4 (Adam Stacey 2, Brian Quan, Adric Armstrong-Smith) Dural Warriors 6 (Yoto Motomu 2, Daine Merrin, Glen Kelshaw, Wade Giovenalli 2) Continue reading “Men’s F-League Round 10 Review”

Women’s F-League Round 10 Review


The Queensland threat stayed top of an exciting 2016 Women’s PUMA F-League as Galaxy versus South Brisbane finished 4-4, Dural did it tough north with a brave 3-3 draw against Galaxy before falling 1-3 to South Brisbane, the ACT-derby also finishing deadlocked 2-2, while East Coast fell out of the playoff picture following a 6-2 defeat of Boomerangs and 3-5 loss to North Canberra.

The ladder shows South Brisbane (26) ahead of Galaxy (21), Dural (18) and Boomerangs (17), with a lurking Vics (12) having played three less games than fourth-placed Boomerangs and one less than Warriors who they meet in a fortnight’s time in Victoria.

The Golden Boot race tightened with four goals separating six players – Vipers ace Ceyda Cambaz (16), Galaxy’s Mariel Hecher (15), South Brisbane’s Sarah Amorim (15), Boomerangs striker Olivia Gurney (12), plus South Brisbane duo Melissa Weckert (12) and Sofie Persson (12) all in the running.

North Canberra Untouchables 2 (Alice Churchill, Madelyn Whittall) Boomerangs FS 2 (Michaela Day, Natalie De Marco)

Boomerangs FS 2 (Michael Day, Olivia Gurney) East Coast Heat 6 (Alexia Guerinoni 3, Caitlin Campbell 2, Hannah Charak) Continue reading “Women’s F-League Round 10 Review”

Men’s Puma F-League Round 8 Review


Victoria’s sole F-League entrant Vic Vipers opened up a healthy eight-point lead in the 2016 Men’s PUMA F-League following double-victory in the nation’s capital as East Coast split their Queensland road-trip, while Galaxy took Queensland-derby honours and Boomerangs won the all-ACT clash to end an 18-game losing run.

The Vics’ 27 competition points (having played a couple of extra matches) heads Dural (19), East Coast (16), Galaxy (14) and Inner West (13) in what looks likely to be a gripping battle for the top four places.

The Golden Boot is also nicely poised with Vipers star Adam Cooper (15), South Brisbane’s Adam Stacey (13), Warriors’ Wade Giovenali (10), Galaxy’s Samim Rohani (9), North Canberra’s Brett Forward (8) and Viper Victor Brauner (8) in the running (particularly as Cooper and Stacey have the least games remaining).

Boomerangs FS 4 (Jake Wilsener 2, Jonathan Ciminelli, Daniel Giovinazzo) North Canberra Untouchables 2 (Jason Farrell, Victor Yanes)

Galaxy FC 4 (Scott Fenn, Ryo Yazawa, Samim Rohani) East Coast Heat 4 (Anthony Haddad, Matthew Mazevski, Alex Vlismas, Lachlan Wright)

Boomerangs FS 1 (Elie Darwich) Vic Vipers 8 (Adam Cooper 3, Konrad Machoy, Alistair Dunlop, Cosimo Russo)

South Brisbane 5 (Dallas Dack, James Egeta, Pedro Goldgrub, Adam Stacey 2) East Coast Heat 7 (Daniel Fulton, Anthony Haddad, Grant Lynch 3, Christopher Zeballos 2)

North Canberra Untouchables 2 (Victor Yanes 2) Vic Vipers 4 (Jason Barrientos, Jonathan Barrientos, Adam Cooper, Konrad Machoy)

Galaxy FC 6 (Scott Fenn 2, Samim Rohani, Adam Finocchiaro, Jayden Bordin, own goal) South Brisbane 3 (Caleb Urlich 2, Adam Stacey)

Boomerangs beat Untouchables Continue reading “Men’s Puma F-League Round 8 Review”

Women’s Puma F-League Round 8 Review


The 2016 Women’s PUMA F-League season took a remarkable twist with Queensland sides Galaxy and South Brisbane racing to the top of the table, as Vic Vipers drew both their ACT games, East Coast lost both their Queensland games and Boomerangs beat North Canberra in the local derby.

South Brisbane (22) head Galaxy (19), Dural (17), Boomerangs (16), with the Vics (12) and 2015 premiers East Coast (8) needing to put their foot down if they want to figure in the finals.

The Golden Boot race is burning as Vipers ace Ceyda Cambaz (16 goals – already the third-highest women’s season total behind Jodie Bain’s 18-goal effort for Parramatta Blues in 2013 and 17 East Coast goals last year), Galaxy’s Mariel Hecher (13 – fifth highest) and Boomerangs striker Olivia Gurney (11) continue to be stalked by quadruple South Brisbane threat Sarah Amorim (11), Melissa Weckert (11), Sofie Persson (9) and Rebekah Horsey (8).

And just a cheeky throwback, it can’t go unmentioned that Horsey’s five-goal haul against Bayside Pirates a fortnight ago is the second-highest individual F-League tally (Dural’s Sarah Yatim scored six against Capital FC last year and Pirates weapon Steph Tanti bagged five against Vipers while playing for Melbourne Heart in 2013).

Leading scorer Cambaz is having a stellar season (16 of her 25 national-league goals coming this year) and recent four-goal hauls against Bayside Pirates and South Brisbane is challenging Jodie Bain’s longstanding seasonal hat-trick record of three Parramatta Blues triples in 2013. Star Galaxy import Mariel Hecher also has two winter triples. Continue reading “Women’s Puma F-League Round 8 Review”

Men’s Puma F-League Round 7 Review


The 2016 Men’s PUMA F-League ignited in intrigue over the weekend as Vic Vipers stunned the Warriors at Dural and Heat at Valentine’s, while Inner West beat Vipers and Galaxy won two in the ACT to set up a tight points table.

And with news the postponed Dural versus South Brisbane fixture would be registered as a 0-0 draw, the Vics leapfrogged them onto 21 points to lead Warriors (19), Inner West (13) and East Coast (12), with Galaxy (10) and South Brisbane (7) still in the playoff picture.

The Golden Boot race is also wide open with Vipers star Adam Cooper (11), Warriors’ Wade Giovenali (10), South Brisbane’s Adam Stacey (10), North Canberra’s Brett Forward (9) and Victor Brauner (8) setting the pace.

Inner West Magic 5 (Aaron Cimitile, Daniel Fogarty, Brian Griffin-Colls, Mark Symington, Dean Lockhart) Vic Vipers 2 (Jonathan Barrientos 2)

North Canberra Untouchables 7 (Jason Farrell, Brett Forward 2, Ryan Tredinnick 2, Victor Yanes 2) Galaxy FC 8 (Scott Fenn, Renagi Ingram, Gerardo Soto, Tuan Cao, Samim Rohani, Vinicius Leite, Ryo Yazawa 2)

Boomerangs 2 (Glenn Smith, Jake Wilsener) South Brisbane 4 (Caleb Urlich, James Egeta 2, Adam Stacey)

East Coast Heat 3 (Alex Vlismas 2, Jordan Guerreiro) Vic Vipers 7 (Adam Cooper 3, Miguel Barrigos 2, Matthew Vragovski, Shayan Alinejad)

North Canberra 4 (Brett Forward 4) South Brisbane 2 (Adam Stacey 2)

Boomerangs 4 (Brad Sawyer, Robbie Cattanach, Jonathan Ciminelli, Elie Darwich) Galaxy 6 (Scott Fenn, Renagi Ingram, Ryo Yazawa, Tuan Cao 2, Vinicius Leite)

Dural Warriors 2 (Wade Giovenali) Vic Vipers 3 (Adam Cooper, Victor Brauner) Continue reading “Men’s Puma F-League Round 7 Review”

Women’s Puma F-League Round 7 Review


You couldn’t ask for a better 2016 Women’s PUMA F-League campaign with Queensland sides Galaxy and South Brisbane cleaning up in the ACT with four wins from four games, while Vic Vipers split their NSW road trip to set up a points ladder traffic jam.

Dural have a slender one point lead over the northerners (but have played one more game) and their 17 competition points is under siege from Galaxy (16), South Brisbane (16), Boomerangs (12) and the Vics (10), with 2015 premiers East Coast (8) also lurking.

The Golden Boot is just as riveting and widespread as Vipers ace Ceyda Cambaz (11), Galaxy’s Mariel Hecher (10), Boomerangs’ Olivia Gurney (10) and South Brisbane’s Sarah Amorim (9) lead the way.

And what more can be said as to how evenly-matched the Women’s F-League has evolved. Over four hot winters a whopping 57% of 167 matches have been decided by two goals or less (a quarter have been one-goal contests).

North Canberra Untouchables 1 (Erika Pennyfield) Galaxy FC 7 (Ashleigh Bucknall, Gabrielle Zgrajewski, Mariel Hecher, Lorena Maggio 2, Alisha Foote)

Dural Warriors 5 (Jessica Elliott, Sarah Yatim, Tara Pender, Samantha Nagy 2) Vic Vipers 2 (Ceyda Cambaz, Amy Dahdah)

Boomerangs FS 5 (Michaela Day, Olivia Gurney 3, Kate Deakin) South Brisbane 7 (Sarah Amorim, Nicola Eagle 3, Rebekah Horsey, Natalie Tathem, Melissa Weckert)

East Coast Heat 2 Vic Vipers 4

North Canberra Untouchables 4 (Brittany Palombi, Madelyn Whittall 2) South Brisbane 7 (Sarah Amorim 2, Nicola Eagle 2, Sofie Persson, Natalie Tathem)

Boomerangs FS 2 (Olivia Gurney 2) Galaxy FC 3 (Charlotte Boyes, Mariel Hecher, Lorena Maggio)

South Brisbane beat Boomerangs Continue reading “Women’s Puma F-League Round 7 Review”

Mid-season rounds critical

The Boomerangs women’s and men’s F-League teams face eight critical matches over the eight days from July 2.

Each team will play four matches during this period – all at home – and will be looking for positive results. For the women’s team, this means consolidating their position at the top of the table, and for the men, an opportunity to bag some much-needed wins.

The Boomerangs F-League Women’s team take on South Brisbane on July 2 (4.00pm), and Galaxy FC July 3 (8.00am), before facing off in a local derby with Untouchables on Friday night July 8 (8.15pm) and then taking on Vic Vipers at midday on Saturday July 9.

The Queensland teams will both be travelling to Canberra after last weekend each splitting their Victorian trip (to Bayside Pirates and Vic Vipers). South Brisbane, an historically strong women’s team, is currently sitting in third position on the ladder with ten competition points from their three wins, one draw and one loss so far this season (to Vic Vipers). Women’s F-League debutants, Galaxy FC, are in fourth place, behind their sunshine state compatriots on goal difference alone. Galaxy have delivered some perplexing results this season with a win over the table-topping Dural Warriors and last weekend, going down to bottom-of-the-table Bayside Pirates. The Boomerangs women currently sit in second place (12 points) behind Dural Warriors on four wins and two losses (both losses to Dural Warriors).

The following weekend sees the ladies in what will be a hard-fought local derby against NC Untouchables. The Untouchable women have started the season slowly, but have more recently been showing some better form, notching a win and a draw in recent weeks. This Friday night game will be followed on the Saturday morning by another tough match against the Vic Vipers – a team that the Boomers ladies fought out a tough battle with a few weeks ago – taking out the match by the narrowest of margins 4-3 at the Victoria Futsal Centre.

There are no more easy matches for the Boomerangs women in the final eight matches of the season – and with half of these being played over the upcoming week, a return of three or four wins is needed to keep sight of the top of the table.

For the Boomerangs F-League Men’s team, they will Continue reading “Mid-season rounds critical”

Women’s Puma F-League Round 5 Review


The 2016 Women’s PUMA F-League spun on a dial after Galaxy FC raided NSW with a stunning 4-1 triumph over defending champions Dural and 3-3 draw with defending premiers East Coast, while North Canberra got on the board with a maiden 4-2 win against Bayside Pirates, who earlier fell to an on-song Boomerangs 7-2.

The results have Warriors and Boomerangs level on points (12) ahead of Heat (8), Galaxy (7), South Brisbane (6) and Vipers (4) – with sides from all four states and territory in the running for a top-four national position.

East Coast Heat 3 (Erin Clout 2, Claire Walsh) Galaxy FC 3 (Jodie Bain, Mariel Hecher 2)

Boomerangs 7 (Olivia Gurney 2, Natalie De Marco 2, Alex Martens, Kate Deakin, Hayley McLachlan) Bayside Pirates 2 (Bella Carter-Madej, Stephanie Tanti)

Dural Warriors 1 (Rachel Perrins) Galaxy FC 4 (Mariel Hecher 3, Alisha Foote)

North Canberra Untouchables 4 (Brittany Palombi, Alice Churchill, Ashleigh Palombi, Rebecca Kiting) Bayside Pirates 2 (Stephanie Tanti, Bella Carter-Madej)

Boomerangs overcome Pirates

Boomerangs played a smart game to fend off a spirited Bayside Pirates 7-2 at Tuggeranong Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday evening and remain in contention for this year’s title.

After an evenly-matched first half, the home team overpowered the visitors in the second term to seal their second victory over the Pirates this season.

Both teams took time to settle into their routine in a well-balanced opening period, but the Victorian debutants looked composed and threatening in the first stanza of play, despite some strong Boomerangs offence.

The Pirates opened the scoring in the seventh minute with a nicely-finished Steph Tanti goal that only seemed to spur Boomerangs into action as they responded soon after with a Natalie De Marco strike.

The home side claimed the lead minutes later when Alex Martens punished poor ball security by the Pirates in their back court, clinically beating the final defender and Pirates custodian Madeleine Nobbs for Boomerangs to lead a tight game 2-1 at the break and both sides in with a real chance to take control.

The Territorians appeared to realise this and came out of the sheds on fire led by Olivia Gurney who netted just 18 seconds after the restart and smashed a second into the back of the net moments later, De Marco adding another within a minute to set up a commanding 5-1 cushion with 15 minutes remaining in the match.

The Pirates worked hard to keep themselves in it and almost immediately forced a Boomerangs own goal, putting pressure back on to the hosts; but they couldn’t find a way to penetrate a swarming Boomerangs defence with the home team’s 17-year-old debutant keeper Eleni Haridemos also making some crucial saves.

As the clock wound down to the inevitable conclusion Boomerangs scored two more goals, Kate Deakin and Hayley McLachlan both scoring their maiden F-League goals and adding further pain to the Pirates first trip to the national capital.

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This week’s games

It’s a bumper women’s round of matches with Dural Warriors against North Canberra Untouchables at Dural Sport & Leisure Centre on Saturday morning (11.30am), Vic Vipers versus South Brisbane at Victoria Futsal Centre on Saturday afternoon (1pm) and Bayside Pirates tackle Galaxy FC at Caroline Springs Leisure Centre on Saturday night (7pm). On Sunday Vipers face Galaxy at Victoria Futsal Centre in the morning (9am) and Bayside meet South Brisbane at Caroline Springs Leisure Centre in the afternoon (2pm).