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F-League 2017

07/03/2017 – PUMA F-League Announcement

Football NSW wishes to announce that the PUMA F-League Competition will not be delivered by the governing body of the state for the 2017 season.

Football NSW conducted an application process in preparation for the 2017 competition and unfortunately, through this process, did not receive the required number of applications to deliver a viable competition consistent with the standards set in previous seasons

During the application process, Football NSW received feedback that the timing of the season is a challenge given the various football commitments taking place during this period and this may have been a determining factor in PUMA F-League Clubs electing not to apply for the 2017 season.

Football NSW will continue to engage with the Futsal community and fellow member federations in relation to the ongoing development of Futsal and specifically any demand for a viable National Futsal Competition in future seasons.

Football NSW greatly appreciates the assistance and support of the PUMA F-League Clubs and Officials since the Competition’s inception and is hopeful that the organisation can contribute to a National Futsal Competition in future seasons.


Mid-season rounds critical

The Boomerangs women’s and men’s F-League teams face eight critical matches over the eight days from July 2.

Each team will play four matches during this period – all at home – and will be looking for positive results. For the women’s team, this means consolidating their position at the top of the table, and for the men, an opportunity to bag some much-needed wins.

The Boomerangs F-League Women’s team take on South Brisbane on July 2 (4.00pm), and Galaxy FC July 3 (8.00am), before facing off in a local derby with Untouchables on Friday night July 8 (8.15pm) and then taking on Vic Vipers at midday on Saturday July 9.

The Queensland teams will both be travelling to Canberra after last weekend each splitting their Victorian trip (to Bayside Pirates and Vic Vipers). South Brisbane, an historically strong women’s team, is currently sitting in third position on the ladder with ten competition points from their three wins, one draw and one loss so far this season (to Vic Vipers). Women’s F-League debutants, Galaxy FC, are in fourth place, behind their sunshine state compatriots on goal difference alone. Galaxy have delivered some perplexing results this season with a win over the table-topping Dural Warriors and last weekend, going down to bottom-of-the-table Bayside Pirates. The Boomerangs women currently sit in second place (12 points) behind Dural Warriors on four wins and two losses (both losses to Dural Warriors).

The following weekend sees the ladies in what will be a hard-fought local derby against NC Untouchables. The Untouchable women have started the season slowly, but have more recently been showing some better form, notching a win and a draw in recent weeks. This Friday night game will be followed on the Saturday morning by another tough match against the Vic Vipers – a team that the Boomers ladies fought out a tough battle with a few weeks ago – taking out the match by the narrowest of margins 4-3 at the Victoria Futsal Centre.

There are no more easy matches for the Boomerangs women in the final eight matches of the season – and with half of these being played over the upcoming week, a return of three or four wins is needed to keep sight of the top of the table.

For the Boomerangs F-League Men’s team, they will Continue reading “Mid-season rounds critical”

Dural Warriors crowned Women’s F-League Champs

From thefleague.com.au

Dural Warriors beat South Brisbane 2-1 in a nailbiting 2015 Women’s F-League final at Valentine Sports Park on Sunday morning.

South Brisbane’s Kate Orkild cancelled out Tess Olsen’s opener for Dural with Rachel Perrins scoring the winning Warriors goal midway through the second term.

The Queenslanders started well and Natalie Tathem pilfered the ball from a Warriors defender in the opening minute only for her quick snap at goal to miss the upright by inches, while Dural’s Dominique Caridad tested Brisbane keeper Jessica McLean from distance. Continue reading “Dural Warriors crowned Women’s F-League Champs”

East Coast crowned F-League Men’s Champions

From thefleague.com.au

East Coast Heat came from a goal down to defeat Dural Warriors 3-2 in a classic 2015 Mens F-League final at Valentine Sports Park on Sunday afternoon.

Dural got a dream start through Brendan Hoyer’s sizzling strike but East Coast returned fire with Chris Zeballos, Clayton Musumeci and Grant Lynch all finding the backing of the net before Greg Giovenali’s late strike made the last five minutes riveting, Heat hanging on for a brilliant 3-2 win.

It was feelers early on as both sides probed and a delicious Greg Giovenali ball up-court freed up Dural team-mate Chris Polkinghorne at the top of the D but he couldn’t guide it past an advancing Peter Spathis in goal for East Coast; Hoyer could however after he superbly latched onto a Glen Kelshaw cross to hand Warriors a 1-0 fifth-minute lead. Continue reading “East Coast crowned F-League Men’s Champions”

F-League Round 10 Review

The final rounds of the 2015 national F-League competition saw the Boomerangs men and women take on Capital FC and Vic Vipers at home.


Capital FC

The Women’s first match of the weekend on Friday night was the second local derby of the year against Capital FC.

The Capital FC team had the best of the first stanza and took a 4-1 lead into the half-time break. The second half was a much more even affair at one goal a piece, meaning the local derby clashes for season 2015 were evenly split at one victory each. Continue reading “F-League Round 10 Review”

F-League Round 9 Review

Round Nine of the 2015 national F-League competition saw the Boomerangs men and women travel to Brisbane to take on the two Queensland teams, South Brisbane and Galaxy FC.

In what was a weekend of three potential wins, the two teams returned home with no competition points, extending the men’s team to an eight game losing streak and leaving the women with only one win for the season, with three matches still to play. And both teams now definitely out of contention for the top four and any chance to take part in the finals of the 2015 F-League season.


South Brisbane

The Women’s team had the one match against South Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. Continue reading “F-League Round 9 Review”

F-League Round 8 Review

Round Eight of the 2015 national F-League competition was played out over the weekend (26/27/28 June) with home matches for both the Boomerangs men and women against Sydney teams, East Coast Heat and Dural Warriors.

The four matches provided high quality futsal and some close and tight tussles; however, the results once again did not go the way of the Boomers teams.


East Coast Heat

The Women’s team kicked off the weekend’s matches with an arm wrestle match up against the Heat on Saturday morning at mPowerdome. Continue reading “F-League Round 8 Review”

F-League Round 7 Review

Round Seven of the 2015 national F-League competition was played out over the weekend of 19/20/21 June with home matches for both the Boomerangs men and women against the strong Inner West Magic club from Sydney.

The two matches provided a great deal of entertainment and high quality futsal — however the men were on the receiving end of a switched on and well-drilled Magic men. The women though, somewhat atoned for their poor performance two weeks ago in the away match up against the Magic when they forced a draw (their third for the season) from the match, coming from behind late in the game.


Inner West Magic

The Women’s team kicked off at 1.00pm with a rematch of the rare sizeable defeat at the hands of Magic two weeks ago at Valentine Park. Continue reading “F-League Round 7 Review”

F-League Round 5 Review

Round Five of the 2015 national F-League competition was played out over the weekend of 5/6/7 June with away matches in Sydney for both the Boomerangs men and women against two of the front runners in this year’s competition – Dural Warriors (at Dural) and Inner West Magic (at Valentine Park) across Saturday afternoon and evening.

The matches certainly didn’t play out the way the club would have wished – coming home without any competition points after the four games – but there were some promising signs amongst the less than favourable match results — especially for the men’s team.


Dural Warriors

The Women travelled to Sydney on Saturday morning already three players short – Michaela Day and Olivia Gurney with injuries sustained against Capital FC eight days earlier and Mikayla van Deyk having suffered a calf injury against the Heat  in Wollongong. It was a devastating blow then when Captain and senior player Michelle Aurousseau lasted less than five minutes in the first match of the weekend.

The players, to their credit, did lift and increase their individual efforts to make up for the shortfall in numbers. However, this arm wrestle of a match only produced a single goal in the first 35 minutes of play – to the Warriors – a spectacular volley from a long throw by the Warriors keeper, Tani Rosekelly. The defensive efforts of both teams to that stage – including by Boomers keepers Sophie Rolfe and Jess Giovinazzo was tremendous.

Looking to level up the match, and perhaps steal a win, the Boomers women resorted to a fly-keeper power play with Erin Clout donning the keepers top for the roving assignment for the final five minutes of the match. As is usually the case, implementing the powerplay generally causes goals to be scored – but alas in this instance it was the Warrior ladies who benefited from their high press, making a number of steals and intercepting passes to dispossess the Boomers and then calmly and accurately slot into the open goal (three times) from distance. It could have easily gone the other way.

So not the best start to the day’s matches – losing one which was in the balance with five minutes to play.

Boomerangs Women 0-4 Dural Warriors

Check out photos of the match HERE

Inner West Magic

The Women’s team travelled to Valentine Park (Glenwood) after their Dural match to prepare for their match against F-League debutantes Inner West Magic.

Prior to the season commencing the Magic did their best to build a championship winning team and successfully recruited no fewer than six players that had previously donned the Boomerangs playing shirt. The match had all the hallmarks of a ‘grudge match’…

For the majority of the first half the match was an evenly contested affair, with opportunities for both teams to register on the scoreline. The Magic converted two of those opportunities – in the eighth and thirteenth minute taking a two goal buffer into the half-time break.

In a classic ‘game of two halves’, the Magic came out of the sheds on fire and were unstoppable during the second period of play. The Boomer ladies – try as they might – could not match the energy, determination, and bench depth of the Magic and were quickly facing an uphill battle to get back into the match with Magic scoring two goals within the first minute of the resumption.

Five minutes later the teams traded goals, but it was the final ten minutes of the match that ruined the day for the Boomerangs women. The Magic converted a further four goals in the final quarter of the match to hand the Boomerangs women the biggest defeat in their short history (by margin) and the most goals conceded by any Boomerangs Women’s team in an F-League match.

Some work needs to be done – including repairs to some bodies – before next weekend’s match against Vic Vipers.

Boomerangs Women 1-9 Inner West Magic (Watts)

Check out photos of the match HERE


Dural Warriors

The first of the two men’s matches for the weekend saw the Boomerangs play F-League and FNSW Premier League powerhouse the Dural Warriors. Dural have won the F-League twice in previous seasons – in 2014 without losing a game and in the process demolishing the Boomerangs men in the semi-final.

However, even against a team with such a dominant record, the Boomerangs men always relish the opportunity to play Dural, and generally match up well with the team that has such quality and depth.

The start to the match was not what was needed though as Dural scored within 21 seconds, and then converted a second not three minutes later. From that point on though, the Boomerangs were switched on and competing well, against a team that was freely rotating its full bench to share the court time and load.

But to give a team like Dural a two goal head start…. makes the task of winning all the more difficult.

The Warriors racked up ‘Barcelona-esque’ possession stats throughout the first half and a super defensive effort was required by the Boomerangs lads to ensure no more goals were conceded.

The second half started to see the Boomerangs men work their way back into the match, and around half way through the second period, Grant Barlow continued his fine scoring form in his debut F-League season, by scoring off a rebound from a Cal Smith shot.

The pressure and intensity lifted as both teams sought to establish their dominance and score again… the Boomerangs to level it up and the Warriors to seal it. Unfortunately for the Boomerangs lads, the Warriors managed to  score again with five minutes to play, virtually securing the match, with the hard working and tiring Boomerangs unable to crack the Warriors defensive wall before the final whistle blew.

Another classic encounter between these two well-matched teams – but yet another encounter that sees the competition points go Dural’s way.

Boomerangs Men 1-3 Dural Warriors (Barlow) 

Check out photos of the match HERE

Inner West Magic

The second match of the weekend for the Boomerangs men was against the Inner West Magic team – a team which has been dominant in the NSW Premier League (along with Dural) for many years, and that prior to this season were a feeder club into the now defunct Scorpions club.

As with their Women’s team, the Magic have assembled a vast array of talented futsal players from within their own junior and senior ranks, and from other NSW Premier League clubs – including two former Boomerangs, Daniel Bennett and ‘keeper, Angelo Konstantinou.

But perhaps the biggest signing of all for the club has been former Australian Futsalroo’s coach Stephen Knight. This match demonstrated the impact that Knight has had on the team in the way they approach the game, and the way they play with patience, persistence, structure and discipline.

This new style of play though, better suits the match up with the Boomerangs, and the match delivered a visual spectacle of futsal quality.

For the second time in two matches though, the Boomerangs men were caught short in the opening few seconds with a smashing goal from a tight angle by the Magic’s young Michael Blancato putting them ahead within a minute of the start of play. And for the second time in two matches, the lads were required to play catch up futsal to get back into the game.

From the 2nd minute of the match until the 38th minute, the match was as close and intense as you would see a high quality F-League match. The defence from both teams was superb as they parried the offence of their opposition time and time again. And both teams’ keepers did a fantastic job. If it weren’t for Konstantinou in the Magic goals, the Boomers would have scored a couple – and both Stroh and van Aalst for the Boomers made some tremendous saves against quality shooting to compliment the on court defensive efforts of their team mates.

As it was, a resurgent Boomerangs was dealt a savage blow with a late second by Magic who then managed to control possession for the final minute or so to take out a tremendous match 2-0.

As a couple of the Boomerangs players were heard to say after the two intense high quality games – “it’s a shame we come away from those two huge efforts with nothing to show, and no competition points”.

Boomerangs Men 0-2 Inner West Magic 

Check photos of the match HERE

Across the F-League

In other matches…


In the Queensland derby, Galaxy pipped South Brisbane 5-4 to take the sunshine state honours; Magic and Dural played out an intense 5-5 draw on Friday night; Capital FC – like the Boomers, also on a Sydney road double – lost both to the Heat and Dural and the Vipers downed the Pirates in the Victorian derby.

At around the half way mark of the season, the top four on the ladder now sees the three Sydney teams (Heat, Magic, Warriors) join Vic Vipers, with Galaxy and Boomerangs some work to do to climb into finals contention. The Heat and Boomers have games in hand.


In the women’s division of the F-League, Magic pipped Warriors 1-0 on Friday night; the Heat defeated Capital FC, who then upset Dural later on Saturday afternoon.

The Women’s ladder also starts to take some shape with South Brisbane and the three Sydney teams holding the top four slots, with Vic Vipers, Boomers and Capital with work to do to make finals.

F-League Round 4 Review

Round Four of the 2015 F-League competition was played out over the weekend of 29/30/31 May with away matches for both the Boomerangs men and women against Capital FC at the AIS Training Halls on the Friday night, followed by matches against the East Coast Heat at the University of Wollongong on the Saturday afternoon.


Capital FC

The Women kicked off their weekend’s campaign with the derby match against local rivals, Capital FC. The derby matches in season 2014 produced two cracking games with the honors split with a win a piece. The Boomer ladies were determined not to let the new kids on the block get the better of them this time round.

Alas though, their defence was found wanting early in the match and as a result the Capital girls kick off the scoring with a scrappy goal in the first ninety seconds. However, the goal sparked a lift in intensity in the Boomerangs and they evened it up again in the sixth minute with a nice goal by Nat De Marco.

The teams traded blows, without scoring, until the fourteenth minute when Capital scored a second to retake the lead. Again, this spurred the Boomerangs into action, with a nice reply finished off by Mikayla van Deyk within sixty seconds. The half time whistle blew with the teams all square at two goals a piece.

Both teams came out of the break with determination and a sense of purpose, but it was the Boomers, who at the six minute mark of the second half, scored a terrific goal with some great work by Corbett, Spinapolice and neatly finished by van Deyk to give her a second for the match. For the first time in the match, the Boomer ladies held the lead.

And they were very keen not to relinquish that lead – holding firm for the final fourteen minutes of the match which saw no further scores for either team.

A terrific derby win for the team, and a great start to the double-header weekend.

Boomerangs Women 3-2 Capital FC (van Deyk 2, De Marco 1)

Check out photos of the match at http://bit.ly/1cU9sPW

East Coast Heat

The Women’s team travelled down to the University of Wollongong early Saturday morning for their midday clash with one of the league’s hot teams, East Coast Heat. The Heat are considered one of the contenders for the title in 2015, so a strong performance was needed from the Boomer ladies.

The first half was played with great speed and intensity – but with no goals due to spectacular efforts by both Sophie Rolfe for the Boomerangs and Dana Buttigieg between the sticks for the Heat. You could sense that both teams were frustrated by their inability to open their account in the first twenty.

The defensive ‘battle royal’ continued into the second half, until an Erin Clout ‘special’ opened the scoring with twelve minutes to play in the match. As often happens, one goal leads to others as the game opens up, and in the twelfth minute of the second half, Rachael Corbett slotted calmly into the back of the net after a back court mistake from the Heat resulting from high court pressure from the Boomerangs.

With just five minutes to play in the match, Sabrina Spinapolice scored a long-range bomb from deep in the back court as the Heat left the goal unattended to playing a fifth man (fly keeper). Boomerangs by three with just five minutes to play. Despite conceding into an open goal, the Heat continue with the fifth man play and it payed off with Renee Tomkins scoring with a bomb from outside as the fly keeper. The Heat bagged another on the power play with three minutes to play bringing the match back to a single goal affair – and the momentum squarely behind them.

With a minute and a half remaining in the match, on the back of unrelenting pressure, the Heat score their third whilst playing fifth man, tying the match up at 3-3. A frantic last ninety seconds saw opportunities created – but not converted – by both teams leaving the final score, Heat 3-3 Boomerangs.

The girls will definitely see this one as ‘one that got away’ – holding a decent lead with five to play… But to the Heat’s credit, they played their fly keeper power play exceptionally well, with patience and a plan – and were not deterred by conceding one early. We look forward to the replay of this match back at mPowerdome in five weeks time.

Boomerangs Women 3-3 East Coast Heat (Clout, Corbett, Spinapolice)

Check out photos of the match at http://bit.ly/1cU9sPW


Capital FC

The first of the two men’s matches for the weekend saw the Boomerangs play an ‘away’ game at the AIS Training Halls against cross-town rivals Capital FC.

2014 saw two solid victories to the Boomers men in the F-League, but recent good form by the Capital lads meant that the Boomerangs needed to be at their best to ward off any challenge. And to their credit, the Boomer boys brought their A-Game to the local derby.

The match started cautiously enough with the teams feeling each other out, being cautious, and erring on the defensive. After Jono Ciminelli knocked in the first goal of the match in the eighth minute, the game opened up and became more free flowing. Ciminelli slotted home his second soon after, finishing off a perfect lay off after a strong determined run by Michael Reeve up the centre of the court. The Boomers began dominating play as the half progressed resulting in a third through Jake Wilsener.

After being brought down heavily in the front court with less than a minute until half time, Cal Smith knocked home the fourth from a rebound from the ensuing free kick. The Boomerangs men were up by four at half time and looking comfortable.

The break gave Capital a chance to re group and they held their own for the first period of the second stanza leading to a goal in the sixth minute. However, the Boomerangs would not allow them to settle any further and Smith scored a second – a smash from the narrowest of angles – in the eighth minute.

With six minutes left in the match Smith  was given the opportunity to bag a hat trick when he converted a ten metre penalty – awarded due to Capital accumulating their sixth foul for the half.

Ciminelli picked up his hat-trick scoring into a keeper-less net as Capital resorted to fly keeper. As the game wound down, Kristian Collins bagged his first for the season, also into an empty net.

Another solid win for the Boomers men, keeping their unbeaten run against Capital in the F-League intact.

Boomerangs Men 8-1 Capital FC (C. Smith 3, Ciminelli 3, Collins, Wilsener) 

Check out photos of the match at http://bit.ly/1F6E4c6

East Coast Heat

The second match of the weekend for the Boomerangs men was an early afternoon match at the University of Wollongong against the strong East Coast Heat. Games against strong opposition like the Heat are what the team measures itself against, and in this case, the team fell short.

A smaller travelling bench, injuries to key players (Ciminelli and Reeve) and only one ‘keeper meant that it was going to be a tough match. The first half was disappointing as the Heat were allowed to run rampant (6-1); however, in the second half the team showed a great deal of resolve and stamina – with less player rotations possible – to see out the second stanza 2-2.

Although the Boomerangs got off to the best possible start bagging a goal in the first ninety seconds (own goal), the Heat showed their intent levelling it up not two minutes later. A penalty shot – resulting from an infringement in the ‘D’, was saved by keeper van Aalst, but this only delayed the first half Heat juggernaut. They scored five unanswered in the remaining fifteen minutes of the first half, whilst the Boomers men – no matter how hard they tried – could not hold possession for any length of time, nor bother the scorer, even though they did create a few more scoring opportunities.

Ciminelli and Reeve played little part in the first half on the back of injuries sustained a week earlier, and aggravated in the Friday night game. Neither took the court in the second half, which makes the second period of play by the Boomers all the more impressive.

The half-time break allowed the boys to regroup somewhat and they managed to maintain a degree of control, indeed scoring first at the five minute mark with a tap in by Wilsener after some lovely lead up play.

The Heat replied soon after converting a set play from just outside the D. The Boomers countered once more with young Ben Basser scoring – a reward for putting in a huge effort running to all corners of the court.

The Heat scored for a final time to tie up the second half, 2-2, but after the first half deficit of five goals, an 8-3 final score was not good enough to take the points on the day.

Boomerangs Men 3-8 East Coast Heat  (Wilsener , Basser-Silk, OG)

Check photos of the match at http://bit.ly/1F6E4c6

Across the F-League

In other matches…


A fairly quiet weekend in the men’s division this weekend, with the Victorian teams given a break. Dural Warriors travelled up to Queensland and came home with a win (South Brisbane) and a draw (Galaxy). And like the Boomerangs, Capital FC travelled on the Saturday (to Sydney), and were defeated by the powerful Magic.

The men’s competition ladder is starting to take real shape as the season hits its straps. Top four positions are filled by  Vipers, Dural, Magic and Heat with the Boomers sitting in fifth.


The women’s division of the F-League also had a quiet weekend, with Capital FC being defeated by Magic in Sydney after their Friday night home derby match, and the Dural Warriors going down by a single goal to South Brisbane.

The women’s ladder has yet to take real shape as there remains a great disparity in the number of games each team has played over the first four rounds of the 2015 competition.