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FNSW 2019 PL1 R4 Wrap

Round 4 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs at home against a strong UTS Northside club.

A full array of development squad matches were played as UTS brought down their juniors for the day trip.

There were a number of good performances throughout the day – from individuals and from teams, and for certain stages of matches – but the performances weren’t of a high enough standard to take any competition points from UTS, A disappointing outcome from the day’s proceedings.

To check out the photos of Saturday’s matches head to the Boomerangs photo site.
For full match and highlight videos (as they become available), head to the BoomersTV YouTube channel.

The 12 boys, 13 girls and 14 boys were all blown away by the strong start of the visiting UTS teams. The 12s conceded five in the first half and the 13s and 14s six. The second half performances by both the 12s and 13s were a vast improvement, (12s, 1-2 and 13s 0-2), but the strong UTS 14s slotted a further four against the Boomers 14s that could only ask the scorer to take note just once in the second twenty.

The youngest of UTS competitive age groups were well drilled and played the game at a higher intensity than was expected by the home sides.

The 15 girls started their match well, and even as they were down 1-3 at the half-time break, there was always a sense they could get back into the game. This was not to be, however, as the visitors scored the solitary second-half goal to take the match reasonably comfortably, despite an improved performance from the Boomers girls.

The first half of the 16 boys match was highly competitive and the Boomers boys were right in the thick of it with only a single goal deficit to catch up after the break. The visitors had other ideas though and lifted the intensity in the second stanza to, in the end, take the match comfortably due to some free shots on an undefended goal as the 16 Boomers pushed for victory with a fly keeper, after they had narrowed the margin again to a single goal.

The 17 girls were right in this match for the duration and had the best of the possession, court position and shots on goal for most of the match. They couldn’t, though, penetrate past the tight UTS defence – no matter how many shots they had on target. A single second-half goal with just four minutes to play was all that separated the two teams in what was a disappointing outcome for the home side.

The youth men looked positive in the first half of their game against UTS, scoring two to match it with the visitors. They looked confident they could go on with it after the break. This was, once again, not to be the case – as the visitors lifted their intensity when it really mattered and slotted a further three goals whilst successfully defending their own net.

The women, much like the 17 girls, could not find the back of the net past a stubborn UTS defensive line. An early goal from the visiting senior ladies made the home side rush their offence as they looked to shoot too often and too early, rather than build towards higher-quality options. The second goal by the visitors in the dying minutes of the first half was enough to seal the match as they shut up shop in the second half – with neither team scoring in the second 25.

The men‘s match was lost in the last six minutes of the first half as UTS piled on three goals in quick succession. The match started apace, with both teams throwing everything into the battle. The Boomers were the first to score with a terrific first-time shot from Ben Basser in the 18th minute. However, this sparked the flurry of goals from the travelling UTS who scored in the 19th, 21st and then were the beneficiaries of a very lucky deflection right on the half time whistle.

Halfway through the second period, UTS scored their fourth, and much like many of the earlier matches, nothing the home side could do was enough to convert into goals.

All in all a very frustrating day – knowing that many of the teams were right in their matches, but could not flick the switch to get the spark to win.

12 BOYS:
Boomerangs 1 – 7 UTS Northside (ht 0 – 5)
Goal to Anotida Zanga

Boomerangs 1 – 8 UTS Northside (ht 1 – 6)
Goal to Lauren Watt

14 BOYS:
Boomerangs 1 – 10 UTS Northside (ht 0 – 6)
Goal to Max Trushell

Boomerangs 1 – 4 UTS Northside (ht 1 – 3)
Goal to Maya Osmond

16 BOYS:
Boomerangs 2 – 6 UTS Northside (ht 1 – 2)
Goals to Noah Dowling, Nabil Djomani-Ousmane

Boomerangs 0 – 1 UTS Northside (ht 0 – 0)

Boomerangs 2 – 5 UTS Northside (ht 2 – 2)

Goals to Stefan Vucic, Cale Brown

Boomerangs 0 – 2 UTS Northside (ht 0 – 2)

FNSW Women’s round review here.

Boomerangs 1 – 4 UTS Northside (ht 1 – 3)
FNSW Men’s round review here.
Goal to Ben Basser-Silk

Next week the club is back on the road taking on Enfield AllStars at Riverwood.

FNSW Futsal Cup Round of 16

The first match of the 2019 FNSW, Indoor 5s Futsal Cup for the Boomerangs was a match up for both the men’s and women’s teams against Phoenix Futsal (PL2).

The Boomerangs men’s and women’s teams have generally had close matches against Phoenix in regular competition over the years, however, in the 2018-19 PL2 season the Phoenix men defeated the Boomerangs both at home and away. For the women, it was a different story as the Boomers dominated both matchups in the 18-19 season scoring 17 goals across the two matches.

However, the Phoenix senior teams are never to be taken lightly as they are always full of energy, intent and effort. And for these two matches, it was no different.

For photos of the two R16 Futsal Cup matches head to the Boomerangs photo site.

A frantic first half of the women’s match saw the Boomers have the vast majority of the possession and similarly, court position. But a goal against the run of play had them trailing with three minutes to play in the first half. Fortunately, the Boomerangs ladies were able to level it up when Miki Day slotted one home with seconds remaining on the clock, leaving it all square at the break.

The second half saw the Boomerangs women take greater control of the match and play it more on their terms. Within four minutes of the restart, this produced the desired result as Maddie Perceval tapped in from close range after some good lead up work by Stella DeMarco.

Maintaining control and dictating the pace of the game helped the Boomers both in defence and attack and saw Ella Brown grab the third halfway through the second period. To put the icing on the cake, Nichole Jalocha slotted home the fourth after some great interplay with Steph Hedditch, with five minutes to play and to virtually seal the match.

Some solid defence in the final five minutes to top off a dominant match saw the ladies secure the win, 4-1, to progress to the quarter-finals.

The men’s match started as frantically as the women’s with the run-and-gun approach of the Phoenix not allowing the Boomerangs to settle into any kind of routine.

Phoenix scored first in the match – in the fifth minute from a fast break after the Boomers turned the ball over high up the court. The lads were feeling the pressure from Phoenix and had to work hard to keep them at bay until a Jayde James-Ward goal in the thirteenth minute gave the men some much-needed confidence. It remained all square at the break with a single goal a piece.

The half time break allowed the Boomers men to regain their composure and to go back to their game plan of control, intensity and structure. This paid off almost immediately as Jono Ciminelli slotted the third soon after the restart.

After taking the lead the Boomerangs men worked hard to maintain their dominance and to work relentlessly in their full-court defence to not give Phoenix the sniff of a second goal. A neat Ryan Quarmby goal in the fourteenth minute of the second period reinforced the dominance the Boomers were now showing across the court.

They comfortably held on to this lead until with a minute to play in the match, Boomerangs newbie, Arlo Hook snuck home the fourth (his first for the club in FNSW competitions) to put a full stop on the match.

The quarter-finals of the FNSW Indoor5s Futsal Cup will be held in the first two weeks of November, with the exact dates confirmed after the Round of 16 is completed (they will again be midweek matches on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening). Matches will be at Valentine Park and both men and women will play on the same night.

FNSW 2019 PL1 R3 Wrap

Round 3 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs hit the road for the first away trip of the season taking on Eastern Suburbs Hakoah in Alexandria.

The development squad matches were cancelled due to a lack of available players from both clubs.

To check out the photos of Saturday’s matches head to the Boomerangs photo site.
For full match and highlight videos (as they become available), head to the BoomersTV YouTube channel.

Both the 12 boys and 13 girls had depleted lineups, also suffering from the round being held on a public holiday weekend, in the middle of school holidays. With many away enjoying time with their families, the few that were left to play had a tough time of it.

The 12 boys especially were a man down and were up against a highly skilled and energetic Hakoah that didn’t let up. The boys that turned up to play, did extremely well and learnt more about how to play when down on numbers and against good opposition.

The 13 girls were also short of players, having no substitutes, but they to also acquited themselves very well in the circumstances. Players learn from adversity, and while it’s never pleasant to be on the wrong end of a big scoreline, the players will benefit in the long term.

For the rest of the day’s matches (the matches that count towards the Club Championship), it was a day of letting slip some critical competition points in many games. The 14 boys were in it for most of the match and came away empty-handed. Similarly the 15 girls.

The 16 boys started the match brilliantly, only to let the home team back into the match in the second half – and then some. The 17 girls were their usual steady selves and look the goods this season in the top flight.

The youth men weren’t far off the pace, but are still having a few problems defensively.

The women let a golden opportunity slip after dominating the first half, only to let Hakoah back into the match in the second half to share the spoils.

The men competed brilliantly against a very strong and well-coached Hakoah side. A bit of good fortune would have seen them tie it up in the final few minutes with an opportunity to win the game – but they conceded through an error whilst playing fifth man powerplay.

14 BOYS:
Boomerangs 3 – 5 Hakoah (ht 2 – 2)
Goals to
Ladder Position: 5th

Boomerangs 1 – 3 Hakoah (ht 1 – 1)
Goal to Audrey McLaren
Ladder Position: 8th

16 BOYS:
Boomerangs 4 – 5 Hakoah (ht 3 – 0)

Goals to Tom Barbatano, Noah Fior, Odhran Traynor
Ladder Position: 6th

Boomerangs 2 – 1 Hakoah (ht 1 – 0)

Goals to Lucy D’Arcy, Stella De Marco
Ladder Position: 2nd

Boomerangs 2 – 4 Hakoah (ht 0 – 2)

Goals to Nic Felizzi, Andrew Noack
Ladder Position: 8th

Boomerangs 3 – 3 Hakoah (ht 3 – 0)

Women’s round review here.
Goals to Olivia Gurney, Bronte Pyke, Elke Aitolu
Ladder Position: 6th

Boomerangs 1 – 3 Hakoah (ht 0 – 2)

Men’s round review here.
Goal to Ben Basser-Silk
Ladder Position: 5th

Next week the club is back home to take on UTS Northside at the AIS.

FNSW 2019 PL1 R2 Wrap

Round 2 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs take on Inner West Magic at home.

Inner West has been, without doubt, the competition front runners in the FNSW Premier League competition for over a decade. They have won the Club Championship almost every season and have teams featuring in finals across all age groups, almost every year. Any round against the Magic is always a challenge for any club!

The day’s program included five development squad matches and eight competitive matches, with the 14 boys match postponed to a later date.

To check out the photos of Saturday’s matches head to the Boomerangs photo site.
For full match and highlight videos (as they become available), head to the BoomersTV YouTube channel.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R1 Wrap

Round 1 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs take on Campbelltown City Quake at home in the club’s first foray back in the top league for a couple of seasons.

The day’s program included four development squad games, the 12 boys and 13 girls competitive matches and the 14s through to open ages (the seven matches that contribute to the Club Championship).

Quake always present with solid squads across the board, and it was certainly a challenging first up outing for the Boomerangs club even with the home-court advantage.

To check out the photos of Saturday’s matches head to the Boomerangs photo site.
For full match and highlight videos (as they become available), head to the BoomersTV YouTube channel.

Development Squad Matches
Quake brought with them a full contingent of development squads, giving the youngest Boomerangs players (from 9-11 year’s old) a solid outing against good opposition. The young teams performed admirably and were more than competitive against the travellers from Campbelltown.

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Season Preview- FNSW PL1

For the fifth time in the club’s 10-year association with Football NSW futsal leagues, Boomerangs FS will be competing in the top league for the 2019 season.

In the history of the FNSW futsal competitions, it is doubtful that any other club has bounced so frequently between league levels on such a regular basis.

From entering the Super League in 2009-10 (the then second tier), the Boomerangs took little time to acclimatise to the new level of competition gaining promotion to the Premier League in 2011-12. This was followed by the longest stretch in the top league, at three consecutive seasons.

2014-15 saw the club compete in the then second tier, the State League for a single season; and with the addition of an extra league the following year, saw promotion into the newly established Premier League 2 competition for 2015-16. Winning the Club Championship in the inaugural year of the PL2 competition was satisfying and met with promotion back into PL1 once again.

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A ‘Home of Football’ to be built in Canberra


JUNE 4, 2019

Canberra will have a new ‘Home of Football’ following the announcement of a $20 million investment by the ACT Government, announced in Tuesday’s budget.

The facility, to be built at Throsby, will be the new headquarters for football in the ACT. It will feature multiple outdoor fields, indoor futsal courts, office space for Capital Football, and associated amenities. 

With the ACT Government investing $20 million to the project, Capital Football will contribute $4.5 million to build the $24.5 million-dollar facility. It is expected to be operational during the second half of 2021.

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FNSW Player Trials 2019

Boomerangs FS is seeking new and existing players to trial for the 2019 FNSW Premier League competition.

All junior players interested in playing this coming summer season must complete the form below by Sunday, June 16.

After a hugely successful 18/19 season, and gaining promotion from PL2, Boomerangs FS will contest the FNSW PL1 competition for the summer season of 2019 with matches commencing late in September.

The season will consist of fourteen competitive rounds of home and away matches including seven away games to various parts of Sydney, potentially a double header weekend and finals. Player trials will commence during late June/early July with teams selected ready for pre-season training to commence in early August.

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Coaching Positions 2019

Boomerangs FS is seeking Expressions of Interest from coaches for the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition.

Boomerangs FS has been accepted into the FNSW PL 1 competition for the summer season of 2019 with matches commencing at the end of September 2019.

There will be fourteen rounds of home and away matches (including seven away games to Sydney) and two rounds of finals, played in December. Player trials will commence across June/July with teams selected for pre-season training from July/August.

Coaches must be available during the period mid-June to January 2020.

Coaches are required for the following age groups:

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Boomerangs Academy 2019

Due to the school holidays and the multiple public holidays (resulting in many people travelling), late registrations will be accepted until 3 May.

Registrations are now open for Boomerangs FS Development Academy for 2019.

The Academy, now in its fourth year, will provide a program of skills development and game understanding for both girls and boys looking to improve their game. The skills development delivered through the program will improve the player’s abilities in both futsal and football.

Sessions will be held on Sunday afternoons/evenings commencing on
5 May (5:15pm6:45pm) for both boys and girls from ages 8 to 17, including goal keepers.

The players will train weekly (a ninety-minute session) for 10 weeks over the course of the second school term with some of the best futsal coaches in the ACT. The program will be centred on core individual technical and tactical skills required to participate at the highest levels and will be overseen by some of Australia’s highest qualified and experienced coaches.

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