Draft League – 2018

As part of its internal player development program, Boomerangs FS has implemented a Draft League across both men’s and women’s players (age 15 to┬áseniors)

Club President, Kristian Collins nominated six senior men’s players (Giovinazzo, Rathjen, Wilsener, Basser, Rinaudo, Ciminelli) and five senior women’s players (Gurney, Day, Basser-Silk, Corbett, Aurousseau) as team captains so that a draft process could be undertaken to select the teams.

Players were selected from the club’s senior men and women, the youth men, 18 women and 16 boys and 15 girls teams. Some external players were also interested in participating.

Matches will (generally) be played on Sundays at the AIS with some weekday evening games at Radford. The competition draws, results and ladders can be found here.

The following teams were selected by the team Captains:

Daniel Giovinazzo (c) Olivia Gurney (c)
Keiran Allen Julia Stanton
Zac Sorenson Teah Hayes
Brad Sawyer Ellen Brown
Ahmed Ugool Bronte Pyke
Cale Brown Rebecca Collins
Rob McKay Steph Hedditch
Jake Wilsener (c) Rachael Corbett (c)
Ollie McCarthy Meg Roden
Nick van Aalst Tayla Hampson
Jayde James-Ward Alex McKenzie
Murphy Shaw Stefi Lejins
Leon Michl Lucy D’Arcy
Stef Vucic Lily Martens
Jono Ciminelli (c) Michelle Aurousseau (c)
Odhran Traynor Sienna Davis
Jamie-Lee Guo Jade Brown
Tommy Zeitlhofer Maddie Perceval
Gianmarco Senatore Elke Aitolu
Lachie Choundary Maria Pachi
Parsa Tabatabatei Amanda Aurousseau
Ben Basser (c) Grace Basser (c)
Bailey Sorenson Paige Gregson
Cal Foster Niamh Larkin
Ryan Quarmby Jackie Alferink
Will Manalo Ash Garrity
Luca Macor Caity Listar
Brandon Hawker Izzy d’Amico
Michael Rinaudo (c) Miki Day (c)
Zane McAlpine Amelia Brown
Ash Collins Ayla Robertson
Nick Dahl Ellie Raymond
Rob Tkatchenko Stella DeMarco
Andrew Aitchison Ella Brown
Abro Kemp Alicia Meuronen
Nick Rathjen (c)
Noah Dowling
Cal Cook
Glenn Smith
Cuneyt Cagler
Nic Felizzi
Chris Smith