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FNSW Premier League 2021


We are pleased to be able to provide information regarding the forthcoming Football NSW Premier League futsal season.

And as you are all aware, the COVID-19 situation in NSW currently means the season dates will likely change from what is listed below. As soon as information comes to hand we will provide as quickly as possible.

Expressions of Interest:
We are therefore currently seeking expressions of interest from players for the 2021 season by completing the form here. The closing date for expressions of interest is 28 July. Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested in playing for the upcoming season.

Age Groups:
Age groups for the upcoming season are as follows:
U10, U11, U12, U14, U16, U19 Boys, Senior Men
U11/12, U13, U15, U18 Girls, Senior Women

We have managed to put together a strong list of talented and dedicated coaches for the 2021 season. There are some familiar faces, but there are also some fresh faces to our coaching ranks. We are fortunate to again have four AFC qualified coaches amongst our coaching group again this season.

Trials are currently scheduled to be held Friday, July 30, however, we are waiting on confirmation of venues before confirming exact times for each age group. This information will be sent to those that express an interest via the form here.

We are still working through what the 2021 season will look like with FNSW and the other Premier League clubs. Should the season run as normal the cost will be approximately $465 per player. Upon selection, players will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of $75.

Season Dates:
Currently, the season is due to begin on September 4th with fourteen rounds and finals completed by Christmas. Prior to the current lockdown in Sydney, Football NSW were aware of the clash with Capital Football NPL Football competitions and were working on solutions with us to enable players to participate in all activities. With the current situation in Sydney, it is highly likely that the dates will be amended at some point. We are awaiting clarification from FNSW.

Once teams are finalised we will be rolling out our sponsorship program as we have done in previous years. Players will be able to “recruit” an individual sponsor to assist with their registration fees.

If you are in a position to help the club in any way we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you all in season 2021!

FNSW Premier League 20/21

30 September , 2020 By Football NSW

Football NSW has advised that, in consultation with its Futsal Clubs, it has regrettably decided to cancel the 2020 Futsal Premier Leagues Season due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to the football calendar across many levels.

This has made scheduling and planning for the Futsal Premier Leagues season extremely challenging.

While the Futsal Premier Leagues Season has been cancelled, opportunities to play Futsal will not be lost and players and match officials are encouraged to support their local futsal centres by participating in community Futsal competitions administered by Football NSW affiliated centres.

Football NSW will continue to do its best to support the sport of Futsal and will be working with Clubs and the Futsal Standing Committee to improve the game moving forward in 2021 and beyond.

FNSW PL1 2019 Season Wrap

The FNSW Premier League 1 season of 2019 was a less than successful one
for the Boomerangs FS club; enjoyable, but without the team and club success that was craved.

After a tremendous 2018/19 season that saw the club securing enough competition points to top the Club Championship table and gain promotion to the top league, it was clearly evident that all teams were not quite up to the level required to maintain a place in the top-level of FNSW competition.

Finishing at the wrong end of the Club Championship table will see the club again offered a position in the Premier League 2 competition for season 2020.

On a positive note, the club’s season presentation night was held on January 18 at Yowani Country Club and celebrated some of the terrific individual performances for the FNSW season. The following winners were announced.

9 Boys / 10 Boys / 11 Boys / 11/12 Girls






17 Girls




Other Award Winners

Video highlights of matches throughout the season can be found at BoomersTV and photos at the Boomerangs Google Photos site.

FNSW 2019 PL1 R13 Wrap

Round 13 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs at home and due to the unavailability of the AIS, back at Q-One Indoor Sports Centre in Queanbeyan for the final home round of the season.

Four development squad matches were played against Majik opposition, with the visitors bringing a good selection of their strong junior cohort down for the trip to Queanbeyan. These matches are always competitive and the youngest of the Boomers performed admirably.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R11/12 Wrap

Rounds 11 and 12 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition were held over a double-header weekend, with the Saturday leg away to Dee Why to take on UTS Northside, and the Sunday leg at home (played in QBN) against Enfield Allstars.

Development squad matches were played on both days as well as the full array of nine competitive matches.

To check out the photos of Saturday’s matches head to the Boomerangs photo site. (Round 11 and Round 12)
For full match and highlight videos (as they become available), head to the BoomersTV YouTube channel.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R10 Wrap

Round 10 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs at home – but at a different venue. With the AIS unavailable, this round was played at Q-One Indoor Sports Centre in Queanbeyan, a venue the club had first used last season.

Two development squad matches were played against Hakoah opposition, with the visitors bringing an 11 boys and an 11/12 girls team. The 9/10 boys played a scratch match against themselves.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R9 Wrap

Round 9 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs on the road to Valentine Sports Park to take on the Inner West Magic club. Rounds against the consistently strong Magic sides are always challenging, and this round proved to be no different.

Four exciting, high quality, development squad matches were played to kick off the day, with two for the 9/10 boys on the smaller court and a large court encounter for the 11/12 girls and the 11 boys.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R8 Wrap

Round 8 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs on the road to Campbelltown to take on the Campbelltown City Quake club. It has been a long time between visits for the Boomerangs at this Minto venue due to not playing in the same grade as the Quake for five or so years.

Three development squad matches were played, again providing the youngest of the Boomers with the opportunity to play against the best junior futsal players from Sydney. The matches against the Quake youngsters did not disappoint.

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FNSW 2019 PL1 R7 Wrap

Round 7 of the 2019 Football NSW Premier League 1 competition saw the Boomerangs at home against the only club yet to be played this season – Mascot Vipers. In previous years the Vipers have been a stalwart of the Premier League 1 competition and recently won the club championship. This year, they have strong teams across many age groups, but also a few age groups where there was an opportunity for a result for the Boomerangs teams.

A full set of development squad matches were played, again providing the youngest of the Boomers with the opportunity to play against the best junior futsal players from Sydney.

There were some strong performances across the day, but also some disappointment where opportunities were not fully realised to gain a couple more wins. But there was again strong performances from the 16 boys and 17 girls and both the open men’s and women’s team, with the women coming away with a win against the previously undefeated Vipers.

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