• FNSW Premier League 2

    Boomerangs FS have been accepted into the Football NSW Premier League 2 competition for 2015/16. This competition covers age groups from 11/12 Boys and 13 Girls through to Open Men and Women (ten teams in total)

    The competition runs from October to February and involves six away games to Sydney and six home games at mPowerdome, followed by a finals series for the top four finishing teams in each age group.

    Trials were held during late July/early August and teams have now been finalised. Check the NEWS, COMPETITION and PLAYERS sections for further details.

  • F-League WOMEN 2014

    1 SydneyScorpians-100high1-50x41 Scorpions106222220
    2 South Brisbane Sth Brisbane10532618
    3 Boomerangs Red 150 Height Boomerangs10604-218
    4 Dural-Warriors-100high1-50x41 Warriors10505815
    5 Vic-Vipers-100high1-50x41 Vipers10316-1310
    6 Capital Futsal Capital FC10208-216
    7 East-Coast-Heat-100high1-50x41 Heat000000
  • F-League MEN 2014

    1 Dural-Warriors-100high1-50x41 Warriors1414006642
    2 East-Coast-Heat-100high1-50x41 Heat149142128
    3 Vic-Vipers-100high1-50x41 Vipers148153025
    4 Boomerangs Red 150 Height Boomerangs147161522
    5 SydneyScorpians-100high1-50x41 Scorpions147161122
    6 St Albans Strikers14518-1916
    7 Capital Futsal Capital FC141211-565
    8 South Brisbane Sth Brisbane141112-684