• FNSW Premier League 2

    Round 6 saw the club host the strong Raiders Futsal Club. In a battle for club championship points, the Raiders came out slightly on top with four wins to the Boomerangs three. Two matches were drawn which saw the points split.

    This coming weekend sees the club have its first bye for the season - and many will be eagerly watching the games played during the round to see if the 25 point club championship lead can be maintained.

    December 5 sees the Hakoah Club visit mPowerdome for the next home round for season 15/16.
    The FNSW PL2 competition runs over 12 rounds until February and involves six away games to Sydney and six home games at mPowerdome, followed by a finals series for the top four finishing teams in each age group.

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    1 Boomerangs Red 150 Height Boomerangs65102516
    2 Rangers Rangers6402512
    3 Raiders Raiders6312710
    4 Hakoah Hakoah6312010
    5 BotanyBayPirates-700 Pirates6213-117
    6 eagles Eagles6105-103
    7 Phoenix Phoenix6105-163


    1 Raiders Raiders65011215
    2 eagles Eagles65011115
    3 Boomerangs Red 150 Height Boomerangs6501415
    4 Hakoah Hakoah6213-17
    5 Rangers Rangers6114-84
    6 BotanyBayPirates-700 Pirates6114-124
    7 Phoenix Phoenix6015-61

  • Capital Football ACT Premier Leagues

    The local summer futsal Premier Leagues are well under way now for both seniors and juniors.

    The Men's team are near the top of the table in the Open Men's competition, with the Youth Men having some work to do to remain competitive at this level.

    The Open Women also sit near the top of the table and the Youth Women - like the Youth Men - holding up the base of the table. Both of these Youth teams comprise mostly 17 and 18 year olds this season.

    The younger age groups have also started with a bang with the 12s, 13s and 15s boys having strong starts to the short season.

    The 13s and 15s girls are also looking the goods early in the season.