Capital Football Premier Leagues

Boomerangs FS regularly enters teams into the Capital Football ACT Men’s and Women’s Premier League competition.

For season 2019-20, the club fielded senior and youth players in two senior women’s teams, and a single senior men’s side in the ACT Premier League futsal competition, with the men prevailing as Premiers and Champions.

In the 2018-19 season, Boomerangs FS entered two teams into the men’s competition (Blue and White) and one team in the women’s competition – with the women prevailing as Grand Final champions.

Capital Football have not held junior/youth (12s-19s) Premier Leagues for several season. It is hoped that this will change when new facilities are built at Throsby.

Wherever possible, the club will continue to enter teams into the highest level possible in the Capital Football futsal competitions.

Boomerangs Men 2019-20 Champions
Boomerangs Women 2018-19 Champions

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