FNSW PL2 2018-19

The selection processes have been undertaken, coaches have been appointed, and the season gets nearer every day.

Players selected will be listed HERE when selections are locked in and all players advised.

The coaching staff for the 18/19 season are noted HERE.

The official draw for the 18/19 season can be found HERE.

The pre-season and in-season training schedules are noted below.

Players should confirm details with their coaches.

Training Schedule Term 3
Sunday – Begins 26 August
Time Crt1  Crt2
3:00pm GK Training
4:00pm 9B/10B 15G
5:00pm 11B 12B
6:00pm 11G/12G/13G 14B
7:00pm 16B Youth
Friday – Begins 31 August
Time Crt1  Crt2
6:00pm 18 Women/ Open Women
7:15pm Open Men

Training times will change when the season commences due to court availability.  The following will then apply.

Training Schedule Holidays + Term 4
Sunday – Begins 30 September
Time Crt1  Crt2
5:00pm 9B/10B 11G/12G/13G
6:00pm 11B 12B
7:00pm 15G 14B
8:00pm 16B Youth
Monday – Begins 1 October
Time Crt1  Crt2
6:15pm 18 Women/ Open Women
7:30pm Open Men

Additionally, a second session per week will commence, comprising inter-age group matches and matches against other Canberra-based teams.

Tuesday – Begins 16 October
Time Crt1  Crt2
6:00pm GK Training
7:00pm 14B
7:45pm 13B
Thursday – Begins 18 October
Time Crt3  
6:15pm Mens, Youth, 16B
7:00pm Mens, Youth, 16B
7:45pm Mens, Youth, 16B
Friday – Begins 19 October
Time Crt1  Crt2
6:15pm 9B 11G
7:00pm 10B 12B
7:45pm 11B 13G