Boomerangs FS have a strong program of coach development underway and prides itself on the development of coaches from within its own ranks. The following represent the qualified coaches active within the club for the 2017/18 NSW PL2 season.

Kristian Collins
Level qualification: AFC 2
Sam Smith 
Level qualification: AFC 2
Mark Dowling
Level qualification: AFC 1
Nick van Aalst
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Jason O’Dwyer
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Zac Sorenson 
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Jessica Giovinazzo 
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Ben Basser-Silk
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Michael Rinaudo
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Isobel D’Amico
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Grace Basser-Silk 
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Parsa Tabatabaei
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Jayde James-Ward
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Josh McCarthy
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Rachael Corbett
Level qualification: Futsal Licence
Elie Darwich
Level qualification: Futsal Licence

2017/18 FNSW Premier League 2 Coaching Staff  

10 Boys Development: 
11 Boys Development: 

12 Boys: 

14 Boys:
16 Boys:
Youth Men:  

11/12 Girls Development:
13 Girls: 
15 Girls:
18 Girls: 

2016/17 FNSW Premier League 1 Coaching Staff  

10 Boys Development: Ben Basser-Silk, Michael Rinaudo
11 Boys Development: 
Kristian Collins
12 Boys: 
Nick van Aalst
14 Boys: Sam Smith, Jake Wilsener
16 Boys: , Zac Sorenson
Youth Men: Mark Dowling, Jason O’Dwyer 
Men: Kristian Collins, Sam Smith

11/12 Girls Development: Nick van Aalst
13 Girls: Grace Basser-Silk, Isobel D’Amico
15 Girls: Mark Dowling, Jess Giovinazzo
17 Girls: Kristian Collins
Women: Kristian Collins

2016 FFA NATIONALS Coaching Staff  

U12 Boys Blue: Zac Sorenson, Asst: Ben Basser Silk
U12 Boys White: Paulo Romero, Asst: Ben Rolfe
U13 Boys: Jake Wilsener, Asst: Grant Barlow
U14 Boys: Nick van Aalst, Asst: Daniel Giovinazzo
U16 Boys Blue: Adam Exposito, Asst: Ryan Treddinick
U16 Boys White: Eugene Exposito, Asst: Brett Forward
Youth Men Blue: Grant Davoren, Asst; Jason O’Dwyer
Youth Men White: Kristian Collins, Asst; Jason O’Dwyer

U12 Girls: Mel Luksa, Asst: Erin Clout
U14 Girls: Mark Dowling, Asst: Alex Martens
U16 Girls: Kristian Collins, Asst Sophie Rolfe
Youth Women: Jason Farrell, Asst: Michael Sydney

2015/16 FNSW Premier League 2 Coaching Staff  

11 Boys Development:  Paulo Romero, Nick van Aalst 
12 Boys:
 Zac Sorenson, Paulo Romero, Daniel Giovinazzo
14 Boys: Nick Van Aalst, Jake Wilsener, Daniel Giovinazzo
16 Boys: Mark Dowling, Jake Wilsener
Youth Men: Kristian Collins, Jason O’Dwyer
Men: Kristian Collins

13 Girls: Mark Dowling, Alex Martens
15 Girls: Alex Martens, Kristian Collins
17 Girls: Sam Smith, Kristian Collins
Women: Kristian Collins, Sam Smith

2015 FFA NATIONALS Coaching Staff  

U12 Boys Blue Jake Wilsener
U12 Boys Blue Asst. Regan Walsh
U12 Boys White Zac Sorenson
U12 Boys White Asst. Mark Dowling
U14 Boys Nick Van Aalst
U14 Boys Asst. Daniel Giovinazzo
U15 Boys Kristian Collins
U15 Boys Asst. Nick van Aalst / Daniel Giovinazzo
Youth Men Blue Grant Davoren
Youth Men Blue Asst Jason O’Dwyer
Youth Men White  Ben Pagett
Youth Men White Asst Jason O’Dwyer

U12 Girls Natalie DeMarco
U12 Girls Asst Alex Martens
U16 Girls Hayley Buckingham
U16 Girls Asst Erin Clout
Youth Women Michelle Aurousseau
Youth Women Asst Mel Luksa
Physio Michaela Day


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