FNSW Premier League 2016/2017

After taking out the Premier League 2 (PL2) Club Championship across the nine age groups in season 15/16, and having such a successful season across all age groups, Boomerangs FS were promoted to the Premier League 1 (PL1) competition for season 16/17.

The 2016/2017 season commenced late October 2016 with pre-season trials and training held in August and September 2016. The NSW Premier League 1 competition is recognised as the strongest combined junior/senior competition in Australia.

For the 16/17 season, home games were played primarily at the AIS Training Halls (with some matches at Stromlo and Gungahlin due to unavailability of the AIS) with away games to various corners of Sydney (and Wollongong).

It can not be argued that the return to the top level competition in NSW futsal was less than successful for the club. Previously, when promoted to the top league in 11/12, the club managed to hold its position in that league for three seasons. This time though, the leap between PL2 and PL1 was too great and it was only the senior men’s team that managed to perform credibly and to make the end of season finals.

And with the season done, there are few highlights to report on aside from the Men’s team finishing fourth and playing an elimination semi-final match against third-placed Enfield Rovers. All other competitive teams finished near the tail end of their competition ladder – clearly showing the club was not quite ready for competition at this level.

The players, coaches, volunteers and players are all to be congratulated though for the terrific spirit in which the season was played. Each and every week teams turned up and were competitive against even the top ranked teams in each age group. And the academy and development squads have also developed brilliantly and will be firing when they enter the competitive age groups (12 boys and 13 girls).

Season 17/18 will see the club look to compete in the PL2 competition, with the aim of once again performing strongly enough to obtain promotion to the top futsal league in Australia.