Boys NYC Squads 2018

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

The 2018 FFA National Youth Championship for Boys will kick-off in Coffs Harbour next week with over 600 of Australia’s best young footballers set to converge on the city for five days of competition. Capital Football will send an U/13 and an U/14 squad to the Championships, which will feature eight new teams this year.

Capital Football U/13 Boys
1. Sebastian ARRANZ, 2. Noah STEINACKER, 3. Parris BANGWENI, 4. James NORTHCOTE, 5. Harry MENHAM, 6. Tobias PEIL, 7. Felix WESLEY, 8. Lachlan CAMPBELL, 9. Archie MCGREGOR, 10. Jordan JONATHAN, 11. Connor MYNOTT-SMITH, 12. Kristian NEL, 13. Heath ILITCH, 14. Michael PARAGALLI, 15. Christian BARRESI, 16. Joshua MILICEVIC, 17. Bailey DICKINSON

Capital Football U/14 Boys
1. Teoman TALAY, 2. Deacon PALOMBI, 3. Cassidy TANDDO, 4. Isaac WEEKLEY, 5. Daniel ANDERSON, 6. Nabil DJOMANI-OUSMANE, 7. Josh PRIOR, 8. Matej BUSEK, 9. Ethan BARAC, 10. Marko JADRIC, 11. Thomas BARBATANO, 12. Jacob LANE, 13. Giancarlo D’ADDARIO, 14. David REITSTATTER, 15. Cameron MCCLUSKY, 16. Jack PERAIC-CULLEN, 17. Daunte CERVO

In the 13 Boys team, Seb Arranz, Noah Steinacker and Lachy Campbell are current Boomerangs FS players, with Christian Barresi having previously represented the Boomerangs at FFA Futsal Nationals.

The 14 Boys team has two current Boomerangs FS players in Nabil Djomani-Ousmane and Thomas Barbatano, with Ethan Barac and Jack Peraic-Cullen formerly donning the Boomerangs strip.

We wish both teams – and especially Boomers players, the best for the week of matches in Coffs Harbour.