FNSW PL 2012/2013

The 12/13 NSW Premier League Futsal season ended in March 2013, and whilst many of the Boomerangs teams could have done better – and the club certainly could have been spared concerns about possible relegation to the Super League, all in all – as only the second year in the top flight competition, it was a successful developmental season that will help the club achieve better results in seasons to come.

Final results for each team were as follows:

12 Boys
Finished: 8th
Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
2 11 1 31 78 -47 7

Finishing bottom of the table, the 12 Boys started the season poorly and whilst they improved greatly during the second half, the results didn’t truly reflect their much improved performances.

12 Girls

Finished: 7th

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
2 10 2 21 51 -30 8

Like the 12 Boys, the youngest aged girls team took a while to get a feel for the quality of the play at this level. And again, the girls performed much better in the second half of the season. They will certainly be better and stronger for this run heading into next season.

14 Boys

Finished: 8th

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
3 10 1 45 73 -28 10

The 14 Boys suffered from the absence of a regular ‘keeper for the majority of the season. This had a major impact on their defensive confidence and their attacking options. The players all grew individually and the skill levels definitely improved throughout the season. With many eligible for 16s next year, they will need to take what they learnt this year to a new level to become competitive.

14 Girls

Finished: 5th

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
3 6 5 29 42 -13 14

The 14 girls showed some real potential this season and were unlucky in many games not to convert a draw to a win. Had they done so, they would have made the finals, as they finished only eight points out of fourth place. The spirit and tenacity across this playing group was evident – especially in the tougher games.

16 Boys 

Finished: 2nd   Grand Final Winners 

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
9 5 0 57 34 23 27

The 16 Boys were the stand out team this season. Finishing the season in 2nd place behind an unbeaten Enfield Rovers was a great result – as was being the highest scoring team for the season. The boys had a perfect finals campaign winning both their finals (Major Semi and Grand Final) against Enfield. Result: A trophy for the Boomerangs Trophy Cabinet!

16 Girls

Finished: 6th 

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
5 7 2 27 40 -13 17

The 16 Girls finished only five points shy of a fourth place finish this season. A bit of luck, and converting some of those draws and close losses to wins, would have seen another team contesting finals. The team performed creditably all year – with many of the girls backing up for the Women’s team on occasions.

Youth Men

Finished: 4th

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
5 6 3 33 38 -5 18

The Youth Men unexpectedly finished in fourth place this season (due to Sydney City being penalised competition points for playing ineligible players). Whilst they won five games, and drew three, we never saw the full potential of this group converted to results. Due to the short notice (four days) of the semi final, many players were unavailable and 16s had to step into the bench roles (after playing their own tough semi not long before). The boys played well in the elimination semi, but were no match for the well prepared Phoenix (who eventually lost to Dural in the Grand Final).

Open Women

Finished: 7th 

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
4 10 0 35 55 -20 12

The Open Women’s team certainly didn’t perform to their potential this season. And whilst many of them are still quite young to be competing in an Open Women’s competition, the playing group has a great deal of talent and skill. Perhaps next season will be the year that it all comes together for this playing group.

Open Men

Finished: 5th 

Win Loss Draw GF GA GD Pts
5 6 3 39 36 3 18

The Open Men’s team were ‘oh so close’ to qualifying for finals in this 12/13 season. The unavailability of some players (due to outdoor and work commitments) made the job a deal tougher – especially in the critical last game of the season against Quake. The core group that turned up week after week though were skilled, dedicated and blended well as a unit – including when youth (and occasionally 16s) players filled in. A top four position was really where this group should have ended. And once in the finals, anything can happen.

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